Mashiba law group deals with all dispositions affecting land. Be it Mortgage, acquisition of land, selling and buying of land,. As lawyers our major job is to make sure that clients understands and get satisfactory services with regard to conveyancing when they engage us.

The procedures of buying a landed property in Tanzania are quite long, and it need a vey good expert to be able to effect the whole procedures until a client in this case a buyer gets a clean or good title registered in his or her name. some of the procedures may include conducting search, conducting onsite inspection, filling in the sellers questionnaires,  obtaining valuation report, drafting a deed of transfer, filling capital gains tax questionnaire, paying capital gains tax, and land rent,  paying stamp duty and submit the documents to the commissioner to seek approval of disposition and so forth, . so it takes so many procedures until the title is transferred to the buyer, our team of legal experts are there to make sure the whole process is done smoothly.

Our team of legal experts are there to also advice clients who wish to invest in land. Such as those who wish to build condominiums for sale or for the purpose of leasing .  This whole issue is governed by the land Act , The land registration Act, and the Unit titles Act. In this field our main aim is to help developers go through a smooth procedures in reaching their goals. But also to help the buyers of these properties get assurance of their titles within the condominium or other units.

On the part of mortgage, our firm undertakes to ensure that clients are assisted to understand the laws relating to mortgage before they make a final decision of borrowing money from financial institutions. But also to help financial institutions understands what they are getting into before they decide to give the money to the borrower.

For example the recent form of mortgages where financial institutions give money to borrowers to buy houses, and the title of the said house remains with the Bank until the debt is paid in full. We undertake to give necessary legal advice to our clients before they resort into this kind of arrangement.