Cross border financing

Mashiba law group represents its clients in wide range of corporate finance in their varying structures. The firm provides services in syndicated lending and documentation providing services to arrangers, administrative agents, security trustees, and on the parties there in.

We also help our clients in lending activities, such as loans, acceptances, or letters of credit that originates in one country for the benefit of an individual in another country. We also represents multinational cooperation’s that want to finance operations in multiple countries.

We provide necessary legal advice to our clients with regard to issues of financing, like taking loans and so forth. We draft loan agreements, and other necessary documents in effecting the financing procedure.

We conduct due diligence for clients, upon what is required by them, we are experts in providing verified information once required to conduct due diligence. We also give legal opinion to our clients basing on the findings obtained when conducting necessary diligence on that matter