Financial, procurement, regulatory and compliance laws

Mashiba law group understand the diversity of our clients needs, and thus we undertake to ensure that in all of their dealing they are rest assured that their operating or doing business as required by law.

Thus in doing so the firm provides wide assistance in procurement laws, regulatory laws and compliance laws. This is carefully done in order to make sure that our clients are running their business without the fear of contravening the law.

We ensure that clients like parastatal bodies, government agencies and other companies are well aware of procurement laws, and all of its encumbered procedures in order to save them from the embarrassment of not flowing proper procedures in procuring different items or goods and services for the government.

We also undertake to ensure that our clients comply to different laws in place depending on their dealings. For example clients dealing with transportation industry will have to comply to different laws and regulations set by the relevant authorities like SUMATRA, TANROADS, EWURA and so forth.

The major aim of Mashiba law group is making sure that clients receive the best legal service they could ever wish for depending on the area and point of need of each client.