Labour, insolvency and arbitration

Mashiba law group, are dedicated to provide effective advice and legal service on employment law to fit the dynamic changing environment of the world to both employers and employees.  Thus this includes issues of General employment law, Collective bargaining issues and strike management, disciplinary investigations and enquiries, employment contracts, employment discrimination, employment legislation, employment litigation, (labour and high court litigation), arbitration and mediation litigation alternative dispute resolutions, public law employment issues, pension laws and employment benefits.

On labour laws our firm undertakes to ensure that our clients for example employers understand these laws and comply with the same in order to avoid embarking to unnecessary litigations in court. But also on the part of employees who are our clients we undertake to ensure that they understand their duties and their rights that need to be obtained from the said employment, and at some point we prepare employment contracts for our clients that will incorporate all employment standards as required by law.

Insolvency laws, our firm undertakes to ensure these laws are known. And we assist our clients in dealing with insolvency laws, be it personal or corporate insolvency. Thus we help them understand the whole concept of insolvency and its regulations of inslolvency.

Arbitration, the firm also deals with arbitration laws and services, we help our clients go though the arbitration procedures where a dispute arises, and hence we ensure our clients know the importance of going for arbitration procedures before resorting to going to court.